A Post A Day #6 – Sometimes You Just Have to Roll With The Flow


The plan for the day was to utilize the Movie October Sky to facilitate discussions centered around growth mindset, history and social justice.  We were also going to compare and contrast the movie with Hidden Figures.  In addition I planned to discuss the struggles each of the lead characters experienced  and how those struggles were influenced by society.

Enter a snow cone vendor showing up, sports physicals, volleyball team meetings, baseball team meetings, NJHS meetings, softball meetings, band and choir practice and an impromptu locker clean out day facilitated by the administration.  There were so many interruptions today in every hour that I gave up on discussions and just let the students watch the movie.  At the end of the day we got an email stating that the snow cone vendor will be back tomorrow, the 8th grade students will be pulled out of various classes to have “THE HIV” talk, sports physicals are not done, and that locker clean outs will continue.

The lesson for today is, breathe and roll with the flow!  Tomorrow I will allow my students to watch the remainder of the movie and hopefully on Monday we can have our discussion, or not since finals are on Tuesday.  Planning and keeping students on a schedule during the last week of school is a minute by minute endeavor!



3 thoughts on “A Post A Day #6 – Sometimes You Just Have to Roll With The Flow

  1. The intersections of so many busy things happening at the end of the year, makes us wonder how we get anything done. I feel your pain here. Today, my 8th graders worked hard on toothpick problem and clothesline math problem, but it was all I could do to keep interruptions to minimum and tomorrow, rally schedule, perfect attendance, 8th grade promotion planning, blah blah blah…you get the idea

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  2. This was my fatal flaw as a first year teacher! I knew in my mind that I needed to be prepared for last minute changes, but it drove me absolutely crazy! I over planned and changes like this ruined week long activities. I let that ruin my attitude and got totally frustrated with co-workers over the dumbest things. By my third year I started to let go a little. I’m not going to say I don’t ever let it bother me, but I am getting much better.

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