A Post A Day Until Summer Break #3


Today my heart is filled with pride and joy!  I have known all year long that my students were making progress.  I could see it in their faces.  I could hear it when they explained their thinking.  I could feel it in the goose bumps I regularly got when one of them would #NoticeWonder and make conjectures, connections and express their understanding.  In short, my teacher gene was telling me that all was going well and everyone was learning and progressing.

Well, today I got definitive proof that my instincts were spot on!  I conducted my last benchmark assessment for the year as well as a math attitude survey  that was developed by Donna Boucher, and the results blew me away! Not only have ALL of my student’s standard scores improved tremendously, but their positive attitude towards math has grown exponentially!  I always believe that what I am doing works and that following a pacing guide is not necessary, but it is scary when so many around you do!  I have not formally covered everything in our standards, but I have used #NoticeWonder, Estimation 180, daily instructional routines accompanied with this form and promoted think time, problem solving and productive discourse, and my students have proved to me once again that if you stay true to the pedagogy of constructivist, discourse rich, problem solving that they will learn and love doing it!   What a fantabulous Monday!  There is only one more left in this school year!  Let’s make every day count friends!


One thought on “A Post A Day Until Summer Break #3

  1. This warms my heart and makes me so happy for those students and yourself. Remember a year ago, when you were nervous about this move and how your students would do…I wonder if you could go back what could you say to yourself that would make this even more powerful for you?


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