School’s Out For Summer – Well Almost!

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So,  my #ElemMathChat PLC has challenged me to write a post a day for the remainder of the school year.  I warned @mathkaveli AKA Jeremiah Reush, that my posts would be braggadocios because my students are blowing the ceiling off of the school with their amazingness!  I was not kidding!

Today our town was under a tornado warning which resulted in everyone going into our shelter classrooms.  One of those rooms happens to be my classroom.  I teach math to students who have disabilities.  Throughout the year we have honed our problem solving skills by utilizing #NoticeWonder and exploring and challenging ourselves to  have a  #GrowthMindset .  In this process we have practiced communication skills, tolerance, acceptance and analyzation of other’s ideas and strategies while remaining respectful of one another.  Today, in the midst of the tornado precautions, I witnessed my students putting those skills to practice while in a non-math related situation.  We were crammed in our classroom with 3 other classes of students.  The close proximity and nature of middle school students made our space feel uncomfortable and not  smell too great!

My students made me extremely proud by conducting  themselves with integrity.  They  led by example,  and each of them remained calm, respectfully quiet and did not get upset when others were clearly encroaching not only on their personal space, but also on their learning space.  These are the same students who struggled at the beginning of the year to wait their turn to speak, to listen when others spoke, and to stay calm when things were not as they expected them to be.

The lesson I took from today was:  Every minute counts.  Every day matters.  Students will learn each day  of the school year that I show up to teach and challenge them, and the lessons they learn in math class help them intellectually as well as socially.  So I may only have a few days left of this  school  year, but I am going to make the most of every minute because I have so much more I want to teach and my students are still with me 100 percent!  These kids keep my fire ignited!  I am one blessed lady!


One thought on “School’s Out For Summer – Well Almost!

  1. This is a wonderful story Melynee! I am so happy you took up the challenge! Amazingness. Your students are giving me goosebumps! Thank you for sharing a little of yourself.


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