My Just Right Space

Welcome to Naegele’s Navigators Class!          


I believe that one of the paramount things a teacher can do is to develop a relationship with her students.  In order to do this children must feel valued, respected and loved.  With this in mind I created the poster above and have it hanging on both sides of the door to my classroom as a constant reminder to my kiddos that I believe in them.  I want students to know that in my classroom, and in our school that they are the reason we are here.


I also want my students to feel like they are  part of a learning community.  Our desks are arranged so that we can all see each other.  I utilize productive discourse and ask students to share their thinking with one another.  We practice being good listeners and good communicators.  This is enhanced when everyone can see each other when we are engaged in conversations.


I have several “Tool Box” areas in my classroom.  These are designed for students to utilize as they need.  I want my students to learn to choose tools wisely.  That can only happen if they have access to the tools that they need.


Of course I want my students to feel comfortable when they are learning, and that is why I have incorporated some soft areas in my classroom.   Different times during the day students are allowed to move to a place where they feel most productive.


I feel that students develop integrity and character at school.  To foster this learning we practice Great Expectations in my classroom.  During morning business we always review the word and quote of the month.  We then discuss how we can practice virtuous living by employing these values.


To develop critical thinking skills there are many areas in my classroom designed to elicit and record student’s thinking.


This year instead of using straws in my place value pockets I am using unit cubes, and students are modeling with ten frames and Avery dots.  My meeting area is just circle dots right now while I am waiting for my geometric rug to arrive!


Of course I have areas for small group work and for rotation stations!IMG_20150702_181239978_HDR

This is the view from behind my desk.  I never allow myself to sit back here when the students are in the classroom, but this is where I write all of my IEPs and do all of the other required paper work.  I make sure this area has artifacts that reflect my interests.  I believe that this is one way that my students can see me as a person and get to know me better.  Those colorful things on the board  next to the book shelf are library pockets with words written on them.  In the pockets are Popsicle sticks with synonyms so that my students can utilize them to produce more vivid writings.  I have a math vocabulary set and an everyday word set.

So, this is my just right space.   This is the place where our community learns.  Our home away from home.  I strive to create a place where we feel safe and loved, and where our minds are open to limitless possibilities!



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